About us


The San Zeno agricultural cooperative was born in 1962 founded by a group of asparagus producers, with the aim of marketing their product. It currently has 40 members, who in turn are owners of small family-run businesses. The members cultivate asparagus in a traditional way with methods handed down from generation to generation with particular attention to the quality and authenticity of their product. This quality and authenticity is given by the agronomic technique which consists of manual cultivation of the land, organic fertilization and small fractions of the territory.

Quality check

As tradition dictates, each package called "bunch" is made manually by the manufacturer. The packaging is recognizable as it is tied with a willow sucker. When the product is delivered, the cooperative checks the packaging, the characteristics of freshness and suitability and affixes the quality seal. Each single package shows the name / surname of the producer and the place of production for immediate traceability by the consumer.